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Friday June 10th

Hey all! I'm just here to tell you about a few things. Bake 'N Buzz will be at a food truck event at Neeskara Elementary (1601 N Hawley Rd, Milwaukee) on Monday June 6th from 4pm-7pm. Check out the event on Facebook! "Wait a second... if that's on the 6th, what's the date in the title," you might ask. THAT IS OUR OFFICIAL OPENING DAY!!! I'll be pushing our opening at the food truck event so hopefully we'll see some new faces on the 10th, but even if we don't, I'm still hoping to see YOUR lovely faces! Another thing! Our two charities this year are... Drum roll please... Local Community: Pathfinders Milwaukee Greater Community: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Can't wait for our big day(s)!


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