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Bake 'N Buzz started in the summer of 2014, but it goes way further back than that.

Local entrepreneur Sydney Plumb had been a co-owner of E-Z Coffee for 7 years, contributing homemade pie sales to their charitable efforts. When E-Z Coffee died of old age, though, Sydney wanted to create a brand new coffee/pie endeavor, which she named Bake 'N Buzz, after the caffeine "buzz" you get from coffee. This bake sale is dedicated to helping those, far and wide, who need it, whether they are entrepreneurs in developing countries, homeless veterans in Milwaukee, or even people with mental disabilities. We try to spread the greatness of our neighborhood to the far edges of the earth. With help from our loyal customers, we donate 100% of our profits to charity every year. So stop on by, enjoy some homemade pie and fair trade coffee, and see what all the buzz is about!!


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